Điều hòa multi treo tường York - Inverter - 2 chiều – Gas R410a

  • Model:YPHMX.../ YPH4Y...
  • Loại 2 chiều
  • Công suất: 28,000 - 36,000 Bt/h
  • Xuất xứ: Việt Nam
  • Bảo hành:24 tháng

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Designed  to suit your stylish and modern lifestyle, the Grande Series  indoor unit’s sleek flat panel design in tastefully off-white  color will elegantly match  your home  interior.

Bright  LED

Bright  and  crisp  LED Light Displa y shows  the  temperature anfunction settings  clearly.  Deactivate  the  LED Disp lay  with  use  of  remote  control whenever you wish.

Wireless Remote Controller

Attractive  bac klit illuminated  LCD  wireless  remote controller clearly displays the  temperature another function settings.  Adjusting the  air-conditioner settings in darkness  has never  been  so convenient.

Follow Me

"Follow Meis a  unique  built-in  feature  in the  remote controller.    When  activated,   the  indoor  unit  will sense the  setting  temperature according  twhere  the  remote controller is placed, resulting in a more precise  and comfortable cooling.


With the Turbo Feature, you can achieve the set room temperature in the  shortest possible  time.   At the  onset, the  Turbfeature  runs  the  fan speed  to  high and  adjust coolness  to attain  comfort  for you and your loved ones.

Twin Rotary  DC Inverter 180˚ Sine Wave*

You will greatly  benefit  from the  Excellent Energy Savings  Rating, ensuring  optimal  temperature at  economical  running cost.   The 180 ˚ Sine Wave DC Inverter offers you considerable advantages:

1.  Caters to a wider range  of frequency  and voltage  parameters

2.  Performs  efficiently so that you will gain better  energy  savings

3.  Runs smoothly  with minimum vibration to achieve  very low noise.

4.  Operates reliably even with prolonged  use



Formaldehyde  Filter 

Effectively filters out formaldehyde  and other  volat-ile  organic co mpou nds (VO Cs) su c h  a s  o dou rs  f rom  n ew  pai nt,  new furniture  and  harmful  gases,   etc.    It brings  you  healthier air and creates a safer environment for your family.

Self-Cleaning Anti-Mold  & Bacteria

When  the  uniis switched  off, the  drying operation will be automatically  activated  to dry out the  coils and internal surfaces.  This drying out process helps prevent the  growth  of  molds  and  minimize  the  possibility obacterial cultivation within the  indoor unit.   An important  feature  to keep your family healthy.

Sleep  Mode

ThSleep  Mode  feature  increases the  room  temperature setting automatically  by 1˚ C after  the  first and  second   hour,  thereafter holding  a  steady  set  temperature foanother   five hours  before switching  off, providing  you  with  a  comfortable night  sleep  and ensuring maximum energy  efficiency.

Environmental Friendly

Whais even  better, the compressor uses  R410a r efriger ant,   whic h  is zer o  ozone   depletion potential, non-flammable and non-toxic, helping you do your part in protecting our earth.