Chiller Mini York- YBW Series

Model: YBW Series

Công suất: từ 30 đến 180 kw lạnh

Xuất xứ: Trung Quốc

Bảo hành: 24 tháng 

Sản phẩm được phân phối chính hãng

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  Unit characteristics

Wide Scope  of Application    

 All kinds of needs  in the industrial and commercial  industries  can be satisfied. It is belt-driven and the external  static pressure is adjustable.

The Blower and motor installation is of suspension design

The blower and motor are of the latest suspension design to greatly reduce  the operating  noise and make maintenance easy.

Quiet  Operation

The unit uses hermetic  Scroll compressors; it operates quietly and generates minimal noises.  The blower and motor are of the suspension design to guarantee minimal vibration and noises generated by the unit. Factory standard offering includes rubber cushion to reduce  operation noise.

Safe  and Reliable

The product  is of multiple refrigeration circuits design. When one fails, the other refrigeration  circuits are not affected. The unit is equipped  with compressor overload protection, motor over-heating protection, external  interlock protection, and high/low pressure protection.Control failure codes  are detailed  and explicit, making determination and clearance of failures easy.





High Efficiency

YBW33A/50B uses a high efficiency tube-in-tube counter flow condenser; the refrigerant  and water  are circulated in opposite direction, which removes the heating quicker and more efficiently.

YBW66 ~ 180B uses a high-efficiency  shell and tube heat exchanger. Water goes through  the tube. Long-term maintenance of a high energy efficiency ratio and stability can be accomplished.

Individual components are optimized before  assembly  to guarantee the maximum performance. The air flow structure is optimized to maximize heat exchange performance

Durable  in use

The casing of unit  is coated  with epoxy to guarantee absence of rust. YBW33A/50B has a large-diameter tube- in-tube condenser not susceptible to scaling; it is long- lasting and durable. YBW66~180B has a shell-tube condenser that can be cleaned  artificially; it is easy to clean and durable.

Easy to Install

The unit is of packaged  design, has a compact  structure, and takes up less space.  Free return air. YBW33A/50B condenser water  can be connectted on both sides freely,YBW66-180B condenser water  connection is on the right or on the left. Hanging rings are installed on the top of the unit (excluding YBW160B/180B) to facilitate suspension for installation. There are two blowers. The small volume and light weight make installation easy.

Easy to Repair

The unit has an access  panel; it is easy to repair. The front panel of the unit consists  of four pieces  that are easy to remove  and facilitate repairs.

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