Chiller Mini York - YVAG Series

Model: YVAG Series

Xuất sứ: Trung Quốc

Bảo Hành: 24 tháng

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* High Efficiency

Providing the lowest possible operating  costs

+) Our new YORK®  YVAG is designed  for real world efficiency. Part  load performances meet  the  highest efficiency values and  delivers  performance beyond  typicaheat  pump efficiency levels in cooling and heating.

+)  YORK® YVAG uses  high efficiency DC inverter  compressor together with advanced variable frequency drive technology which ensures stable  operation  across  the  entire  operating range.  Compressor  frequency  range  goes  from 15 ~ 120%, to quickly and effi ciently meet  the needs  of residential  load changes. YORK®  YVAG units not only uses  a high efficiency DC inverter  compressor, but also dual fans equipped  with high efficiency, low noise  DC inverter  motor  which adjusts the  aiflow to  exactly  match  the  capacity  in a  more accurate and efficient way.



* Easy Installation & Operation

Modular concept

+) Thsmall packaged  YORK®   YVAG  heat  pump  comes  as standards with a hydronic loop circulating pump, expansion tank,  water  flow switch,  safety  valve, filvalve and  wye- strainer,  saving space  in the  room  and making installations easy  and fast. The pumps  external  head  can provide  up to 

+) The unitare  designed  for modular  installations  (up to  4 module  combinations among  all the  models)  tmeet  the needs  of different  residential  and light commercial  building demands. This permits  installed  capacities  from 11.2-128






* Performance Data