Chiller Mini York-YCWE-E Series

Model: YCWE-E Series

Công suất: Mở rộng lên tới 336 tons lạnh 

Xuất xứ: Trung Quốc

Bảo hành: 24 tháng 

Sản phẩm được phân phối chính hãng

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Exceptional Performance

A system  design with parallel compressors

New-type high-efficient condenser:

The condenser features  a horizontal shell and tube heat exchanger where  the refrigerant  flows inside the shell

and outside  the tube have sufficient contact  with the heat transfer  surface.  This provides  a greater heat  transfer coefficient, yielding an increased heat  transfer  efficiency.

Cross-flow water-side heat exchanger:

Heat is exchanged through  the cross  flow between the water  side and the side of the two refrigerants. The water flow between any two sheets have contact  with the two refrigerant  systems  at the same  time, ensuring that the entire water  flow always involves heat  exchange, and to maximize the performance of a single unit under a partial load.

Multilevel  energy regulation:

An individual unit can realize up to four levels of energy regulation  (0-25%-50%-75%- 100%). Up to 8 units can be connected together with a wider range  of energy regulation  (up to 32 levels), a higher efficiency, and a better  performance in saving energy.

Optimized control of the  networking system:

The networking  system  automatically  adjusts  the operating state  of the modules  based  on the load and activates  multiple modules,  to fully utilize the heat

transfer  area  of the evaporator and the condenser, and to effectively improve the unit’s performance, especially the

performance under a part-load condition.



The  YORK® YCWE-E series  uses  R-410A,  which  is safe, available, and  affordable  and  provides  the  best  operating efficiency for YORK®  chillers.

Protecting the  atmosphere:

The system  can reduce  carbon  emissions  directly or indirectly and lower the carbon  emission  target,  to protect the atmosphere, and to promote sustainable development.

Eco-friendly refrigerant:

The R410A is an eco-friendly  hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerant,  which does  not contain chlorine, does  not damage the ozone  layer, and has a high efficiency.

Flexible Application

When   your  reputation  is  at  stake,   count   on  efficient, reliable  cooling  and   heating   solutions   from  YORK®  to lower  costs  and  maximize uptime  with dependability  you can count-on. Have peace  of minding in knowing that Johnson  Controls has the largest  service  and preventative maintenance organization  in the world.

Flexible configuration:

Each unit can be installed and operated separately. Multiple units can also be combined  for optimal performance depending  on the customer’s need. Different models  can combined  with up to 8 units connected.

Compact design:

The units can be moved  using freight elevators to save the installation cost

In renovation  applications  there  is no need  to dismantle  the existing building structures-reducing chiller replacement costs.

Product naming

Parameter table

Schedule  control

The system  provides  a calendar-like control mechanism  to be automatically turned  on or off at the specified  time. The customer can set a time (day or week, except  for holidays) to have the system  automatically  turned  on or off.








History of Reliability

A multiple-compressor design:

Each unit involves multiple compressors. The failure of a single unit won’t affect the normal operation  of another  unit. This ensures reliable operation  of the entire  system.

Mutual  backup  of multiple  modules:

When multiple modules  are running, the failure of a single module won’t affect the operation  of the entire  system. Different modules  are backup for each  other.  This can increase  the reliability of system  operation.

Reliable configuration

The R410A Scroll Compressor

The low-pressure chamber  structure  is designed  with crankcase  in a low- temperature area,  and the motor  is cooled  by the refrigerant  in the low- temperature return  gas, this extends  the motor’s  life.

Stainless steel evaporator

The asymmetric  flow field design lowers the pressure drop on the water  side and improves  the antifreeze  performance, to ensure  the stable  operation  of the system.

Electronic expansion valve

The high-precision electronic  expansion  valves are used  to make intelligent and adaptive  adjustments to the flow of the refrigerant.  This ensures that the flow of the refrigerant  is precise  and that the system’s  operation  pressure and temperature are optimal.

Single-piece standard efficient all-copper filter

This can prevent  dirt from entering  the system,  which prevents clogging.

Single-piece standard water flow switch

This can prevent  the system  from being froze-cracked due to poor water  flow.

Multiple tests

Each model of the YCWE-E Series is subject  to multiple reliability tests and analyses.   The types of testing  include: salt spray test  for parts, transportation test,   lifting test,  electrical  temperature rise test,  rain proof test,  and the modal analysis.



Smart Control

Local control & communication

Two touch-screen controllers  are provided  for customers to choose  from.

Standard central controller:

The controller  is compact  and beautiful with a user-friendly  LCD touch-screen. It can be connected to up to 8 units. The range  of the A/C system’s  cooling capacity can be expanded to 336 tons of refrigeration  (TR).

Optiview  LTTM  controller:

The screen  can display more  parameters; the multilevel user permission  setup  ensures the safe operation  of the A/C

system;  the controller  supports  software  upgrade  via USB, making it easy to maintain.

Remote  control & communication

The system  comes  with the RS-485 interface,  which by default supports

Modbus protocol.  BACnet protocol  as available as an option.


Variable  flow primary  pumping system:

Units are connected with interlocking piping.  When the load requires  additional capacity the controls  turn on additional modules  to meet  the load requirement.

Remote interlocking:

The unit can provide the output  of multiple control signals, including:

- Cooling tower  control signal output

- Cooling water  pump control signal output

- Cooling water  three-way valve signal output

- Chilled water  three-water signal output

- Module cooling water  valve signal output

- Module chilled water  valve signal output

Functions such as remote ON-OFF, remote heating-cooling switch, interlocking with the terminal thermostat switch, and remote alarming can be realized.