Điều hòa âm trần/ Đặt sàn nối ống gió -MAK/YVK Series

  • Model:MAC/YVC
  • Loại 1 chiều
  • Công suất: 75,000 - 750,000 Btu/h
  • Xuất xứ: Thái Lan
  • Bảo hành:24 tháng

Sản phẩm phân phối chính hãng

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Product features

Wide Range 

YORK MAK series  offer a complete  range of equipment (from 7.5 – 75.0 hp) to suit your needs


YORK MAK series  provides flexibility at 3 levels

 Fan Static Selection

With YORK MAK models,  you are allowed the flexibility of changing the standard external static pressure to suit your design requirements (i.e. by adjusting the 3 fan speed  of the MAK 75 - 100 and changing the pulley of MAK 125 -


 Air Discharge

YORK MAK series also allows you to choose  the direction of air discharge.

Air Distribuion

YORK MAK series  allows for long ducting to provide greater flexibility in installation and optimum comfort to the occupants.

High external  static pressure allows air to be distributed evenly to every corner  of the building without any loss of power to the airflow.

Modular System

The modular design of YORK MAK units provide you the flexibility of step-down unloading.

The step-down unloading feature  enables  the particular individual compressor to cut off when there  is a reduction of loading, thus saving you the unnecessary equipment running cost.

Energy Savings

YORK MAK series  provide you greater energy savings with

the application of scroll compressor.




 Easy Maintenance

The unit’s internal components are easily accessible  from either side just by loosening a few screws.

YORK series has been designed  for quick and easy maintenance.

High Efficiency Scroll Compressor

 Quiet  Operation

YORK MAK series  scroll compressor is significantly more silent than other  compressors and provides consumers with whisper quiet comfort.

 High Durability

YORK MAK series  scroll compressor uses 70% fewer moving parts than other  comparably sized reciprocating compressors that means  higher reliability and lower maintenance costs  for the scroll compressor.

 Greater Capability

The radial compliance  of the scroll compressor allows the scroll members to separate in the presence of liquid refrigerants or debris thus eliminates high stress  in members and substantially improves the durability of the compressor.

 Higher Efficiency

YORK MAK series  scroll compressor has a high Energy Efficiency Ratio, ensuring superior performance and greater energy savings for consumers.

 Perfect Balance

The low pulse discharge and without-valve design of the scroll compressor ensures that vibration of the unit while in operation  is minimized.


Indoor Unit

MAK 75 – 100

Standard  horizontal air discharge
Adjustable 3 fan speed  (direct drive)

Designed ESP 100 Pa

Build in filter rack

SML Controller (For MAK 75 to MAK 150)

+)Mode: Cool, Dry, Fan

+)Set temperature range 16oC~30oC

+)Room temperature display

+)Indoor fan speed:  Auto, High, Medium, Low

+)Sleep mode

+)Delay on/off timer, 1~24 hours

+)Key lock

+)System error code read out

+)Indoor coil temperature read out

+)Compressor  protections:-

-Comp 3 minutes  restart  protection

-Comp minimum runtime

-Insufficient of refrigerant

-Indoor  coil anti freeze

-Room  sensor,  indoor coil sensor  fault monitoring

+)Non volatile memory – keep system  settings

MAK 200 - 750

Standard  vertical air discharge at site for MAK 200 - 600

Vertical air discharge for MAK 600-750 (non-convertible)

Single speed  motor and belt drive blower

Designed ESP

- MAK 200 = 150 Pa

- MAK 250 – 450 = 200 Pa

- MAK 500 = 250 Pa

- MAK 600 = 300 Pa

- MAK 750 = 450 Pa

Build in filter rack




MAK 125 – 150

Standard  horizontal air discharge

Belt driven

Designed ESP 150 Pa

Build in filter rack

Convertible to vertical discharge at site

Sequential  Remote  Controller

(For MAK 200 - MAK 750)

 Mode: Cool, Fan

Set temperature range 16oC~30oC

Room temperature display

7 days on/off timer

 Key lock

Indoor coil temperature read out.

System error code read out.

 Programmable system  control parameters

Remote  on/off

Compressor  auto sequencing

Compressor  protections:-

- Comp 3 minutes  restart  protection

- Comp frequent  cut in prevention

Outdoor Unit

YVK 75 – 150

+) Direct Drive Outdoor Fan

+)High efficiency scroll compressor

+)High and low pressure protection

+) Phase reversal  protection

+)Vertical air discharge

YHK 75 – 150

+)Direct Drive Outdoor Fan

+)High efficiency scroll compressor 

+) High and low pressure protection

+)Phase reversal  protection

 +)Horizontal air discharge