Chiller Mini York - YGWS Series

Model: YGWS Series

Xuất sứ: Trung Quốc

Bảo Hành: 24 tháng

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In order  to  meet  continuously changing  and  increasing HVAC market  requirement, Johnson Controls  introduces the  brand  new  HFC-134a water-cooled screw  chiller YGWS. YGWS offers  optimized  efficiency  at a more  competitive price  range,  with benefit  of flexibility, reliability and sustainability. The chiller is suitable  for the light commercial market, i.e. hotel,  retail store, small and medium-sized factory,  hospital  and etc.

* Chiller Features

+) Efficiency:

- High efficiency semi-hermetic screw  compressor

- Patent hybrid falling film evaporator offers excellent efficiency of heat transfer with optimized  heat  exchanger design and compact structure

- Step-less capacity  control  keeps  the compressor operating efficiently at every  load point


+) Reliability:

- Every chiller undergoes functional  tests to ensure key parameters meet  specific requirement

- Internal  oil system provides adequate protection to the unit’s compressor




 - Button start, easy to install and operate

- Supports remote monitoring and control  via Modbus protocol

- Compact  design  yields a small footprint saving customer installation cost


- YGWS chiller uses  environment-friendly refrigerant R134a which has no phase-out schedule under  Montreal  Protocol

- Patent hybrid falling film evaporator operates with less refrigerant charge