Chiller Mini York - AMICHI - YMAA/YMPA Series

Model: YMAA/YMPA Series

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* Exceeding Efficiency Standards

+) Direct  current (DC) inverter technology provides  variable capacity control and allows AmichiSeries chiller compressors to operate more efficiently across  all cooling-load and ambient  temperature conditions versus constant-speed chillers that use a step unloading design.

+) Electronically commutated  (EC) fans use more efficient motors  and better  aerodynamics to improve overall system efficiency and sound performance, particularly at part-load. At reduced  ambient  temperatures, the head pressure control varies fan speeds to optimize the system  efficiency and ensure  reliable operation. This combination  of variable speed compressor and fans provides  a displacement power factor as high as 0.93, lowering electricity costs.

+) High efficiency  brazed plate  heat exchanger uses less refrigerant  and transfers  heat from the liquid to refrigerant  more efficiently, providing excellent  heat transfer  performance in a compact  size. This also results in a lower water  side pressure drop, allowing the use of smaller pumps and further minimizing building power consumption.

+) Tandem compressor design uses several circuits, which improves off-design  and part-load efficiency by using the entire surface area of the heat exchanger at all conditions while also providing partial redundancy.

* Advanced Control Made Easy

+) Comfort, productivity and up to half of the energy used in your building – these  are all factors affected  by how your chiller operates and how it interacts  with other  components in your HVAC&R system.  To help maximize efficiency and keep you in control, the YORK®  AmichiSeries comes  standard  with integrated Smart Equipment. This technology  allows the equipment  to connect  seamlessly  to building controls  like our world-class Verasys™  system,  where  smart-enabled equipment  can self-identify  and interoperate.















* Performance Without Compromise

+) The YORK®  AmichiSeries is a no-compromise solution for a variety of climates and locations.  Built specifically to deliver better  performance through a wider operating  envelope, the Amichichiller and heat pump can maintain efficiency in a variety of conditions without kits or add-ons – down to an impressive  -18°C ambient  in cooling mode and -15°C ambient in heating mode.

+) With the smallest footprint across  the widest capacity range on the market, the YORK®  AmichiSeries is also the perfect solution for high performance in smaller spaces. Installation is simplified with a compact  size that permits forklift loading, and a modular configuration allows units to be arranged  in varying footprints  to fit different space  requirements. This unique modularity means  capacity can be increased incrementally  as buildings are being constructed or spaces  are becoming  occupied.  And if maintenance is required,  other  modules in the system  will continue  to operate, helping to reduce  downtime  and loss of capacity.

+)We want to ensure  our neighbors  are comfortable too, even in retrofits.  That’s why our systems  offer two levels of sound performance. If requirements call for sound attenuation beyond our standard  low-noise levels, an optional Ultra Quiet Kit can further reduce  sound power by an impressive  6 dBA, providing one of the quietest units available.


* A History of Reliability

+) Intelligent defrost optimizes the sequencing of the defrost  cycle and allows the remaining modules in the system  to continue  to provide heat,  reducing interruptions..