Single-Split Package Air Conditioner

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Systems for use in commercial applications with 1 to 1 combinations (1 indoor and 1 outdoor unit), with various types of indoor unit: Cassette, Duct, Wall and Ceiling. Additionally, server room dedicated systems.


Single-Split Air Conditioner Structue


Energy Saving

Hyper Wave Inverter

Panasonic inverter circuit technology provides detailed motor current control. A comfortable room temperature is maintained with less energy, vibration, and noise.

*Specifications differ according to model.


Hyper Wave Inverter

High Efficiency Compressor

DC Inverter motor is compact in size. Thanks to the powerful neodymium (rare-metal) used to make the motor. With less magnetic field distortion from the winding motor, DC Inverter  Compressor delivers higher efficiency performance.

High Efficiency Compressor

Flexible Installation

Space Saving Outdoor Unit

Newly designed outdoor unit’s fan design has made it possible to reduce the size of the outdoor unit without compromising on quiet and energy efficient operation. Reduction in outdoor unit size enables ease of installation in smaller spaces. Flexibility in piping gives more freedom in installation leading to reduction in installation cost.

Space-Saving Outdoor Unit

Long Piping

Piping can be extended up to 30m (Inverter) and 20m (non-Inverter without additional gas charging, and up to 50m (Inverter) and 40m (non- Inverter) with additional gas charging. By giving you more flexibility in positioning the outdoor unit, this gives you a wider range of installation options.

*Specifications differ according to model.


Long Piping Image